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Following the success of our visionary Death & Co cocktail brand, we’re expanding to a diverse portfolio that includes bars, hotels, retail sales, award-winning books, and a growing online presence. Now, you can become a part of our future.

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See why our cocktail brand could define a new era of hospitality.

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6+ Revenue Streams

Bars, online retail, book sales, hotel operations, and more

$11B+ Cocktail Industry1

Plus, the broader hospitality market

Proven Track Record

An award-winning name in cocktails

A Toast to Our Story

We’ve been in the industry for 18 years and have become a category leader. Our experience and proven track record of success has primed us for even more growth. We have 7,500+ weekly visitors to our bars. Our four brick-and-mortar bars are doing tens of millions in revenue and are all profitable. We’ve written award-winning cocktail books, built brands beyond Death & Co, accrued accolades from industry-leading establishments, launched an online marketplace for cocktail enthusiasts, brought high quality ready to drink cocktails to the market, and more.

More Than Just Food & Beverage

We create award-winning cocktail bars and hotels with thriving food & beverage programs, but we don’t stop there. We’re also bringing the same impeccable experiences to additional businesses such as:

  • Our online retail marketplace, Death & Co Market

  • Canned cocktails

  • Cocktail books and Media

  • Education platforms

  • And more

Each of these businesses help drive traffic to our core brick & mortar operations.

Where We’re Going

These projects promise to deliver the one-of-a-kind experiences we’re known for, all anchored by unparalleled hospitality and exceptional cocktails.

Our expansion plan includes captivating destinations in Atlanta, Seattle, and Nashville…

We’re also bringing our signature magic to an iconic casino in the heart of Las Vegas… 

And a fully-funded hotel project as part of our Midnight Auteur Hotels joint venture

We Have The Ideal Growth Plan

The hospitality industry is often paved with hefty capital requirements, a roadblock that many companies struggle to overcome. We have identified the keys to growing quickly while giving customers the same exceptional experience they’ve enjoyed for nearly two decades.

Our Mix of Legacy & Agility

Recognized among the top bars across the country, our legacy brand creates a solid foundation for our nimble approach to growth. Through initiatives like our Death & Co sub-brand, Close Company, and our expansion into hotels with Midnight Auteur, we’re able to minimize build-out costs and maximize operating margins.

The demand for our brands is such that landlords are willing to subsidize 80% to 100% of total opening costs.*

Learn more about what makes our investment opportunity so unique.

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An Exceptional Community in an $11B Industry1

The cocktail bar market is projected to be an $11B opportunity. With 163 million Americans dining and drinking out every week2, we believe in the longevity of the hospitality industry, as anchored by our amazing community of enthusiasts – which continues to expand every year. And thanks to our expanding IP portfolio, we’re convinced this is only the beginning of our growth.

Exclusive Investor Perks

Time-Based Perks

First 15 days
10% off at all Death & Co properties for life
Priority reservations at all Death & Co properties
First 30 days
Priority reservations at all Death & Co properties

Amount-Based Perks


Priority reservations at all Death & Co properties


Tier 1 perks
D&C Book


Tier 2 perks
10% off at all Death & Co properties for life


Tier 3 perks
A signed D&C illustration print from Tim Tomkinson


Tier 3 perks
A cocktail created for you, named by you

Our Plans for 2024 & Beyond

From new bars to new business ventures, we plan to garnish cities across America with our signature offerings over many years. It starts with three key projects lined up for the next 12 months.



Our Nashville Close Company project is ready to roll, with a fully funded project budget, requiring just a $150k contribution from us.



In Atlanta, we've secured $400 per square foot in Tenant Improvement funds for Close Company, our Death & Co sub-brand.



Our Seattle Death & Co door is secured with a $1.85M project budget from the developer.

Planned Openings

  • Nashville - Close Company

  • Atlanta - Close Company

  • Las Vegas - Close Company

  • Seattle - Death & Co 

  • Savannah - Midnight Auteur

  • Chicago - Death & Co

  • Denver- Close Company

  • Los Angeles - To be announced

We must overcome many risks in order to be successful.  Without limitation these risks include, severe weather, fire, flood, pandemic, economic change, changes in the tastes of the consumer, changes in pricing from suppliers, changes in local real estate markets, interest rate variance, labor unrest and changes in personnel.  For a more full description of the risks please see our Form C if you are purchasing shares via Reg CF and our PPM if you are purchasing shares via Reg D.

See why our cocktail brand is paving the path for the future of hospitality.

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Investors who believe

Kimberly Grant
Former Global Head of Restaurants and Bars – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Michael Doneff
VP, F&B Concept Development, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Willy Schlacks
CEO of EquipmentShare


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North America’s 50 Best Bars (#36)

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World’s 50 Best Bars

James Beard “Best New Cocktail Book” Finalist


Welcome Home

IACP Awards Finalist


Welcome Home

Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards “Best New Cocktail Book” Finalist


Tales of The Cocktail

Readable Feast Awards, Best Aesthetic Achievement, Best Single Subject, Book of the Year


Welcome Home

Time – Based Perks

First 15 days
10% off at all Death & Co properties for life
Priority reservations at all Death & Co properties
First 30 days
Priority reservations at all Death & Co properties

"First 15 days" begins on the day this offering is launched (the "Launch Date") through 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time ("PST") (06:59 am Coordinated Universal Time ("UTC") and ends on the 15th day following the Launch Date. "First 30 days" begins on the Launch Date through 11:59 pm PST and ends on the 30th day.

Amount – Based Perks

Tier 1


Priority reservations at all Death & Co properties
Tier 2


Tier 1 perks, plus D&C Book 
Tier 3


Tier 2 perks, plus 10% off at all Death & Co properties for life
Tier 4


Tier 3 perks, plus a signed D&C illustration print from Tim Tomkinson
Tier 5


Tier 4 perks, plus a cocktail created for you, named by you

The Team Behind the Brand

CEO David Kaplan

With his long-standing experience in hospitality and successful establishment of Death & Co, David demonstrates a deep understanding of the industry and strategic growth. 

COO Alex Day

Alex transitioned long ago from bartender to key operational leader, bringing hands-on creative experience and a focus on innovation and process improvement.

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How much can I invest?

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What do I need to know about early-stage investing? Are these investments risky?

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When will I get my investment back?

The Common Stock (the "Shares") of Death & Company (the "Company") are not publicly-traded. As a result, the shares cannot be easily traded or sold. As an investor in a private company, you typically look to receive a return on your investment under the following scenarios: The Company gets acquired by another company. The Company goes public (makes an initial public offering). In those instances, you receive your pro-rata share of the distributions that occur, in the case of acquisition, or you can sell your shares on an exchange. These are both considered long-term exits, taking approximately 5-10 years (and often longer) to see the possibility for an exit. It can sometimes take years to build companies. Sometimes there will not be any return, as a result of business failure.

Can I sell my shares?

Shares sold via Regulation Crowdfunding offerings have a one-year lockup period before those shares can be sold under certain conditions.

Exceptions to limitations on selling shares during the one-year lockup period:
In the event of death, divorce, or similar circumstance, shares can be transferred to:
• The company that issued the securities
• An accredited investor
• A family member (child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships)

What happens if a company does not reach their funding target?

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How can I learn more about a company's offering?

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What relationship does the company have with DealMaker Securities?

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What’s your share price?


What is the minimum investment size?


What kind of shares are you issuing?

Series C-1 Preferred Stock

How much are you raising? 


Why Should I Invest?

Gin & Luck is one of the industry leaders, the most recognized cocktail brand globally (based on Instagram following, book sales, and media impressions), and has a diversified business base and a uniquely progressive growth strategy. Investing in Gin & Luck offers a unique opportunity due to its proven track record in the thriving $8 billion cocktail bar industry in the US ( and its innovative approach to expansion. The company, known for its flagship venue, Death & Co, has not only established a successful brand but has also become a cultural icon in the cocktail world. Their strategic expansion includes ventures like the new Close Company concept, a line of canned cocktails, and food & beverage driven hotel development and operations, demonstrating a forward-thinking and cost-effective growth strategy. The strength of their brand is further amplified by their award-winning books and robust online presence, highlighting their ability to engage a diverse community and build customer loyalty. Leadership is another strong suit, with a team of experienced industry veterans guiding the company's direction and ensuring profitability. Additionally, the diversification of their business model across different ventures provides multiple revenue streams, reducing investment risk and increasing growth potential. The involvement in real estate through their hotel ventures adds an extra layer of investment security and opportunities for capital appreciation. This blend of success, innovation, and strategic diversification makes Gin & Luck an appealing investment for those looking to tap into a dynamic and growing market.

How do I know Death & Co hasn't peaked?

They have a massive expansion plan underway, opening in new cities in 2024 and beyond and opening with new concepts and partnerships. Firstly, their expansion beyond their flagship brand to ventures like Close Company, canned cocktails, and hotel operations shows they are branching out and finding new avenues of growth. Secondly, the hospitality and cocktail industry is massive. The US cocktail bar market alone is calculated to be $11B and Gin & Luck's established brand positions them to capitalize on this trend. Their proven ability to attract substantial developer investment for new projects indicates strong market confidence in their growth potential. Lastly, the company's plans for international expansion and entry into e-learning platforms for cocktail education help them continue to grow in an evolving market.

Why hasn't a bigger company done this already?

By building organically from the ground up, and starting in the early days of the cocktail renaissance, they were able to do what a bigger brand couldn’t risk doing. Now they are the industry leaders with a long standing pedigree.

How do I get a return on my investment?

Investing in startups is risky and there is no guarantee you will get a return on your investment. However, an exit opens up the opportunity where you could convert your shares into cash or a more liquid asset. Exits include going public, getting acquired by a larger company, or our company buying back shares. If the value of our company grows, then you have a higher potential of making a profit on your investment during one of these exits.

How long are you expecting the company to operate before needing another round?

12-18 months. All incremental funding is intended to be accretive on a price/share and enterprise value basis. Company’s total funding goal is $5M for current phase of fundraising with only a portion coming from this offer.

When will I receive my shares?

Shares will be rewarded after the investment funds clear. This typically takes around 3 weeks after investment

Are there higher fees if you invest via credit card vs. ACH?

No, costs are the same, regardless of how you invest.

Will you be paying out dividends to investors?


Are you an accredited investor?

An accredited investor includes individuals with an annual income exceeding $200,000 (or $300,000 combined with a spouse) for the past two years, or a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with a spouse, excluding their primary residence.

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